Drawn & Reported

Bill Russell draws on-the-spot at locations around the world reporting on the people, places and stories that interest him.

Mario Amongst the Water Lillies

The rare and exotic plants found in San Francisco’s Conservatory of Flowers, require constant care and feeding. Waist deep in the pond of the Aquatic Plants Gallery, Mario Vega, Nursery Specialist tends to the water... read more

A Cote Bistro

We had the best lunch recently at Jean-Luc Rabanel’s 3-star A Cote Bistro in Arles, France. She had the feta pie and swiss chard,  filet of pork, chocolate tart. I had the squash soup, baked mussels and apple tart. click on thumbnail image to... read more

Valley Fire

September’s Valley fire devastated the Middletown, Cobb and Anderson Springs communities. Here are the drawings I completed last week. All that remains of these structures are bent metal and gray ash amongst charred trees. Homeowners tell me they will... read more